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“Raven's Cove, a great mystery by Mary Ann Poll. Avoid it when winds are gusting to hurricane speed outside. No extra creepiness needed.”
~Bonnye Matthews
Step aside Stephen King, Alaska’s Mary Ann Poll is here to spin new tales of the super-natural and the ungodly, as her heroes and heroines take on the forces of evil on 'The Last Frontier.' ~Jeff Babcock

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Wisdom from Ravens Cove

Well, as I said last time, I came within a hair’s breadth of saying some very choice things to Arnie Thralling. I mean, really, could he have acted any less concerned about the fact that he had given use of his car to a legally blind resident?

I needed to share the history (again) so you could understand my surprise about Grandma Bricken’s reaction to the story. She has a gift of sifting through an entire tale and finding one part that can become a lesson.

So when I let her get a word in, Grandma did what she always does. She smiled and took my hand. Then her twinkling eyes locked onto my stormy ones. “Katrina,” she began.

I dropped my eyes to the table. Oh, crud, here comes the lecture, I thought.

She patted my hand, “Katrina, look at me.”

I did. Instead of the ‘lecture look’ I saw respect.

“You have done something today that makes me proud.”

“Really? I’m not getting a talking to?”

Grandma laughed out loud, still one of the warmest and most beautiful sounds I know. “No. Today, you reminded me of what my mother said about me when I was almost your age.


“When you become wise,” she said, “your emotions are controlled by a kind heart, your mouth by your brain and your brain by God.”  That is what you did when you chose to say nothing hurtful to Arnie."

I was stunned — in a good way. So what I did next seemed small but important. I gave her a firm kiss on her brown, weathered cheek. She grinned, patted my hand again then left the table to tend her always-delicious moose stew.

It isn't like Grandma hadn't said something similar before. And, she had tried to get through with love before. So, I don't know why this time her words hit the mark in a big way. I just know they did. I resolved that , wherever I could, I’d try to be kind. I’d try to look for the good and to use my words as a balm instead of a sword. Until I lose my temper, that is – kidding.

Until next time,


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