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Serendipity in Ravens Cove — Continued

The Auburn Police's Dodge Charger police car. ...

This blog post was written by Kat – a main character in the Alaska Iconoclast series.

I thought you’d be interested in how our legally blind resident, Norbert Crosskill, ended up driving a car on Main Street. (My blog entry on December 7, 2012.) I sure was. So, after I finished up at the police station I went directly home. I cuddled into my overstuffed couch with a hot cup of some kind of nerve-calming tea and asked myself, “If Norbert is legally blind and, as far as I know, hasn’t owned a vehicle in a decade, how did he get a car?” I looked out the window and let my mind dip and fly upward like a raven at play in the wind. It hit me! I KNEW that car. (After all, I live in a small town and a fire-engine red Dodge Charger kind of stands out.)

I promptly walked myself back to town and to the car’s owner – namely Arnie Thralling who has a penchant for all motorized vehicles and restoring old boats.

“Yeah, I heard about that, um, incident from Norbert,” Arnie said with a grin.

“Really? And you think it’s funny.” I gritted my teeth.

The smile left Arnie’s face. “’Course not. I’ll explain.”

“Please do.” Irritation turned to fury. It took everything in me to hold my tongue and not tell Arnie a thing or two about his character.

“Norbert came to me and said his niece would be visiting from somewhere South — Alabama, I think. He didn’t want her to brave the elements, ‘coming to such a cold climate and all.’ So, I said no problem and dropped the car at his house.”

“Okay . . . that kind of makes sense.”

“Yeah, it did to me too.”

“Except for the fact that Norbert doesn’t have a brother or sister, Arnie. How’d he get a niece?”

Arnie smiled widely and his eyes twinkled with new respect for Crosskill. “I never thought about that. Gosh Norbert’s still one shrewd guy.”

“He’s what? . . .” I stopped. I could see Arnie’s point. “Yeah, I guess he is.” I stared at Arnie, still considering those few choice words. I decided against it. “Check the facts next time, would you Arnie?”

“Sure thing.”

On the way home gratitude overtook me. I stood at the top of Ravine’s Ravine and looked back on the town. In that moment, the gift of living in Ravens Cove flooded my mind and heart.

You see, both Norbert Croskill’s and Arnie Thralling’s actions spoke volumes about the personal views of our residents. We all have to be creative to live in small town Alaska. It’s a survival skill.  And, we all have to help each other to survive. Both attitudes are still alive and well here! What a town!

Until next time,


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