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“Raven's Cove, a great mystery by Mary Ann Poll. Avoid it when winds are gusting to hurricane speed outside. No extra creepiness needed.”
~Bonnye Matthews
Step aside Stephen King, Alaska’s Mary Ann Poll is here to spin new tales of the super-natural and the ungodly, as her heroes and heroines take on the forces of evil on 'The Last Frontier.' ~Jeff Babcock

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Peter Younghusband Review:

This is the first novel I have read from Mary Ann Poll. I am so glad to have done so. Very pleased to have found this author.

I love novels about spiritual warfare where this is dealt with using Biblical principles. I can say that Poll knows how to create this in a novel. From looking at her Bio, it is evident her past dabbling in New Age philosophies has given her an hands on perspective in relation to the demonic. Her later conversion to Christianity seems to have shown her the importance of portraying this solely from the Biblical perspective, apart from the fact that it is biblical to do so. From this angle, I appreciate greatly novels of this calibre. This is how Christian fiction should be presented. Not only is it highly entertaining but it honours the Bible and most importantly, God. It also educates in spiritual principles, in this case, spiritual warfare, and strengthens the Christian reader's faith. For an unbeliever, it shows the truth about demonology, demon possession, demonic deception and gives the reader something to think about. Poll highlights one aspect that I feel is important to the Christian as displayed by Grandma Bricken,

I'm not scared of seeing the dead, Bartholomew, I've seen much in my time. But I cry for the souls lost to God. That's the real horror!

This truly shows what the heart of the Christian should be, as it directly shows what the heart of God is, that He does not want any to perish but to be saved from a Christless eternity. And this directly ties in with the Gospel and why Jesus came to us, to be the propitiation of our sin and be restored back to Him.

Poll has successfully incorporated these elements into a plot that has you thoroughly engaged. It is an enthralling read and has that quality that every reader loves, where they cannot put the book down. I read this novel over the course of a day despite many interruptions.

I cannot fault this novel's construction. There are no peaks or troughs, plot slowness or acceleration. Everything is at a steady pace and the plot lines keep it this way, hence the experience of not being able to put this novel down. I cannot fault Poll's characterisation. For a short novel that this is, the characters are well developed. You find yourself endeared to many, despising others, and cheering on some and even sad for those who met such horrific deaths. Just as any small town is flavoured by its characters, this novel is well flavoured by the same.

Poll has three types of characters in this novel. There are the "fundamentalist" Christian characters of Josiah, Grandma Bricken and Pastor Paul Lucas. These three believe in the God of the Bible and are submitted to His will. Then there is the New Agers of Anita Conner, Reverend Plotno and his wife Ransom, Miggie, who are submitted to their Master (Iconoclast, demon). Thirdly, we have those who do not have any belief in the Biblical God or any other god. These include Marshall Bart Anderson, his cousin Kat, Kenneth Melbourne (FBI agent), Josephina Latrell, Cassandra Martin, Caroline, Doc Billings, Jonathan & Joseph Tillwater, Mikie Colmbs.

The demonic forces then try to pit all these groups against one another with their planned outcome to devour physically and spiritually the whole town. It is here that Poll shines in her execution of spiritual warfare that leads to a spiritual confrontation between this force of evil and God's sovereignty. It is well done, but with one plot line left unfinished. I can only guess that this is continued in the next novel in this series, Ingress.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and all that it contained. I am definitely an avid fan of this series now and of this author.

Highly Recommended. 5/5 Stars.
World Building 5/5
Characterisation 5/5
Story 5/5
Spiritual Level 5/5
Enemy Spiritual Level 5/5
Overall Rating 5/5

Press Release


November 16, 2010
Contact: Publication Consultants


Yes, evil is lurking in Cook Inlet. Specifically it’s lurking in Ravens Cove, a small community in Cook Inlet. Don’t know where that community is? Actually it’s a fictional location as well as a book of the same name by Mary Ann Poll and released by Publication Consultants. It involves murders most foul, an unwelcome FBI agent and the sheriff whose “dark past and knowledge of the murders makes him a suspect.” It’s everything a mystery reader would want—and not only is it Alaskan; it’s local as well.   

In addition to being a good read, RAVEN’S COVE is one of the growing number of quality books of Alaska fiction written by Alaskans. Over the past two decades Alaska fiction has bloomed with authors like John Straley, Ann Henry and Dana Stabenow to name a few. Alaskana fiction has come of age and it is doing more than selling; it is attracting a following Outside.   

RAVENS COVE is an expansion of our literary frontier. It mixes local lore with the supernatural with history within an established genre. It gives new meaning to the term unique.   

RAVENS COVE is available everywhere good books are sold.


Press Release


December 15, 2011
Contact: Publication Consultants 



We all knew it was going to happen.  With the national interest in vampires, the undead and macabre, why hasn’t someone anchored the story in Alaska?  Well, now they have. In her second book, INGRESS, Mary Ann Poll presents an Edgar Allen Poe style tale where a cursed, ghost town is brought back to life for tourists.  Now what could possibly go wrong?  If you said “a lot,” you’d be correct.  There are mysterious deaths, spirit walkers from the beyond and the traditional battles between good and evil. 

Even though I am not particularly thrilled with tales of the grave – or from the grave – I found INGRESS a good read.   It kept me turning the pages so, for me, that’s a readable book.  It was a pleasant, and unusual, blend of what I perceive to be a national artistic obsession with roots that sink deep, quite literally, into Alaskan hIstory.  It was a story 10,000 years in the making.  

I also liked that a lot of the action was developed through conversation rather than description. This is important because I’d rather have the participants clue me in to what is happening through their conversation rather than having the author paint the entire scene.  When the scene is painted I’m stuck with the tree the author describes; with a conversation I can create my own tree just as I can create my own visual image of the characters: living, dead, living-dead and other.              

Like RAVENS COVE before it, INGRESS is an expansion of our literary frontier.  It mixes local lore with the supernatural with history within an established genre.  It gives new meaning to the term unique – and it’s set in Alaska. (Hear that Hollywood!)              

INGRESS is available everywhere good books are sold.


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