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Haunted Destinations: Satan’s Tunnel, Hawk Point, Missouri

In the tiny, rural town of Hawk Point (population around 700) stands an innocuous tunnel. To get there from Warrenton, take Highway 47 to the four-way crossing and turn left. Take this curvy road until you see a vast cornfield and a sign on the left saying, “Tunnel Road.” Follow this road to the end. And, you have arrived at Satan’s Tunnel with many supernatural tales.  The name alone gives one a reason for pause.

Unlike many of the spots rife with paranormal activity throughout the state, this haunted tunnel in Missouri sits on private property. Of course, that hasn’t stopped people from investigating in years past.

The legend goes that devil worshippers owned the land the road is on. That alone can cause significant hauntings and supernatural activity.

There are numerous supernatural tales around this tunnel.

One such story tells of a gentleman, just over a century ago, who went to explore the tunnel. As had others, he heard horrific sounds emanating from the area around the tunnel, and he decided to check those noises out. Except he never returned. He crossed the railroad tracks and was hit by a train, thrown to the bottom of the tunnel, and died. Townspeople found his body at the entrance to the tunnel. His ghost is known to haunt the area still.

Apparently, several people who attempted to enter this passageway, where the “feeling of death” reportedly lingers in the air, were found dead inside or never seen again. If you attempt to take a peek inside this terrifying underpass, some say you may be able to hear the sound of the whistle from the train that killed the doomed man.

In the seventies, some kids were exploring the tunnel and found a homeless man taking shelter inside. (He told the story of a man’s ghost in the place, and if a person walks through the tunnel quietly, he or she can hear the whistle of the train, even though the train tracks no longer exist.) He warned the kids to leave and never to return, for evil enveloped the place. The next day police found the man dead inside the passage, his face frozen with fear and cause of death unknown. Purportedly, the caution tape was not taken down and is still visible.  

Legend says there are a haunted graveyard and a witch’s house in the woods. Lots of evil activity reported here. There is also another house with a big window. Supposedly, the ghost of a lady in a red dress, sitting in a rocking chair, is seen in that big window.

Are you up to this haunted tunnel and the surrounding areas? I get goosebumps just thinking about traveling there.

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