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From Beyond the Grave: A Touching Story of a Small, Black Cat

I love cats. I love dogs. In fact, I am a proponent of all creatures great and small. So when I came upon this sweet, ghostly account, I wanted to share: I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

(Source: Psychic Animals by Dennis Bardens)

In the 1920s, contributors to the Daily News of London had some remarkable stories to tell of ghostly cats:

We once owned a small black cat that was as devoted to us as any dog could be. Unfortunately, it contracted some disease, and had to be painlessly destroyed by the chemist. But the little wraith came back to the home she had so much loved. I saw her where she liked to be best, playing by the bannisters on the landing, near our bedroom, where she used to come and have breakfast with us every morning. A visitor to the house saw her frolicking with a doormat in a way she loved to do; and a maid met her on the stairs.

I never have known a more intelligent little cat, nor one that loved her home and owners more, so it is with great interest to find that after death she came back in that way.

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