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The Legend of The Wild Hunt

I must admit, with some embarrassment, that I am an avid PC gamer. Hidden Object Games are my favorite. One game I played was named The Wild Hunt.  It had the paranormal aspect I am drawn to. After all, I write Supernatural Thrillers that revolve around legends.

I always wondered about the origin of the phrase The Wild Hunt. Much to my delight, I came across the legend today. The tale of the Wild Hunt is told in many parts of England and Wales. The following story is one retold by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch in Folklore of a Cornish Village.

With some creative embellishment, this story is one to tell friends are a dark, stormy night. Even better told around the proverbial campfire.

(Source: Psychic Animals, A Fascinating Investigation of Paranormal Behavior by Dennis Bardens)

“Stories of a ‘wild hunt’ – a spectral gathering of hunters and dogs – are told in many counties of England and Wales, as well as in Scotland. Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, in Folklore of a Cornish Village, tells of a poor herdsman who was crossing the moors one windy night when he heard coming from the rocky peaks the baying of hounds and recognized it as the ghostly dog pack known in the area. But he was still three or four miles from his house. The light was poor, the path indeterminate and difficult to follow, the soil lumpy and damp. The howling of the hounds came nearer until, to his horror, he could see in front of him a ghostly concourse of hunters, their horses, and the dogs. They were about to rush upon him when he fell down upon his knees and prayed. He heard the hunter shout “Bo shrove” (meaning ‘The boy prays’) and the ghostly hunt sped away.”

No one can say too much about the power of sincere prayer.


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