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The Haunting of the Gehm House ?

Introduction ?

History and the supernatural have always been intertwined, with countless stories of haunted locations serving as windows into the past. The Gehm House, located in Missouri, is one such place that has witnessed more than a century of paranormal activity and mysterious occurrences. From eccentric owner Henry Gehm to subsequent residents, this historic house has left an indelible mark on the world of paranormal investigation. Join us on a journey through time and the unknown as we explore the haunted accounts of the Gehm House. ?️‍♂️?

The Eccentric Henry Gehm ?

The story of the Gehm House begins in 1906 when it was owned by the eccentric Henry Gehm. Known for his peculiarities, Gehm owned railroad cars, which he leased to traveling circuses in the early 1900s. He also had a fascination with gold coins, hiding them in various locations on his property. Gehm lived in the house until his death in the 1950s, succumbing to spinal cancer at a local hospital. Little did anyone know that his legacy would continue to haunt the property long after his passing. ???

The Furry Family's Encounter (1956 – 1965) ?‍?‍?

The first documented signs of haunting at the Gehm House emerged in 1956 when S.L. and Fannie Furry purchased the property. Fannie reported a series of eerie incidents that plagued her and her family:

1. Being shaken awake at 2:00 AM while sleeping. ??

2. Hearing loud hammering sounds on her headboard, which left no physical damage. ??

3. Mysterious thumping against the windows at night with no identifiable source. ??

4. Discovering a heavy wall sconce mysteriously lying on the floor. ?️?

5. Hearing the sound of footsteps going up and down the stairs at all hours, as if someone was searching for something lost. ???

Even their three-year-old daughter experienced paranormal encounters, describing an older woman dressed in black who visited her room at night, accompanied by a little boy. She even mentioned being "spanked" with a broom by this spectral presence, though it caused her no harm. ????

The Furrys endured these ghostly encounters for nine years before deciding it was time to move on, leaving the haunted history behind. ???

The Walsh Family's Unwanted Guests (1965 – 1966) ??

In November 1965, the Walsh family moved into the Gehm House, unaware of its haunted reputation. Shortly after settling in, they began experiencing supernatural phenomena of their own:

1. A family dog cowered and quivered in the presence of an unseen entity. ??

2. Clare Walsh witnessed a white, misty form gliding through the living room before vanishing. ??

3. Footsteps were heard throughout the house, as if someone was searching. ??

4. Rapping sounds on the bedroom window disturbed their sleep. ?️??

5. The spirit of a little blonde-haired girl was sensed in the attic, along with children's footsteps and mysterious writings. ?✍️?

Curious about the house's history, Clare Walsh consulted her neighbors, the Kurus, who considered buying the property but decided against it. They revealed that the house had a reputation for being haunted. Clare also spoke to a man across the street who believed the ghostly activity was Henry Gehm's spirit returning to find his hidden treasures. ???️

With the attic door refusing to remain closed, Clare suspected that this might be the key to uncovering the mystery. ??

The Discovery in the Attic ?️‍♀️?

Clare's intuition led her to investigate the attic, where she found the door standing open despite having closed it previously. Inside, she discovered a disarray of items, including a heavy chest of drawers, blueprints bearing Henry Gehm's name, and evidence of a secret chamber. Although the chamber was empty, rumors persisted that Gehm had buried gold coins somewhere on the property. ????

As Clare delved deeper into her investigation, the paranormal activity escalated:

1. Footsteps continued to echo through the house. ??

2. Dining room furniture was rearranged, and objects moved mysteriously. ?️??

3. Wendy, one of the Walsh daughters, claimed to have witnessed a person opening and closing her mother's dresser. ???

4. The typewriter in Wendy's room typed on its own, lights flickered, and their dog displayed signs of distress. ????

5. The family heard muted cries and experienced other unexplained disturbances. ???

Clare and her family believed that there were at least two distinct spirits haunting the house: Henry Gehm and a child. They ultimately decided it was time to move, leaving the mysteries of the Gehm House behind. ??‍?‍?‍??

The Wheeler Family's Ongoing Haunting ??

At this writing, the Wheeler family owns the Gehm House, and they too have reported paranormal encounters:

1. Their dog often stands at the top of the stairs, fixated on something unseen. ???

2. Their son Jack claimed to have seen the ghost of a man in old-fashioned clothing. ???

3. Mysterious noises emanate from the attic. ??

4. Bedclothes are disturbed, and indentations appear on mattresses as if an invisible entity is present. ?️?

5. A misty white form has materialized in the pantry. ???️

The Wheeler family believes that the spirits haunting the Gehm House are none other than Henry Gehm himself, his wife, and their grandson, who passed away at the age of six. ????

A Quiet Life Among the Spirits ??

Despite numerous opportunities for paranormal investigations and commercialization, the Wheeler family has chosen to live quietly in the Gehm House, raising their three children amidst the haunting history. While many haunted houses become tourist attractions, the Gehm House remains a place where the past and the paranormal coexist, keeping its secrets hidden from the prying eyes of the curious. ???‍?‍?‍?

Conclusion ??

The Gehm House stands as a testament to the enduring connection between history and the paranormal. From its enigmatic owner Henry Gehm to the subsequent families who have called it home, the house has borne witness to a century of unexplained phenomena. Whether you're a history enthusiast or a paranormal investigator, the Gehm House continues to captivate and mystify those who dare to explore its haunted accounts. ?️??

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