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The Devil’s Puddle

The following story is courtesy of Ghost Report, an online paranormal resource who is now, unfortunately, defunct.

The following article brings many questions to mind: Are there really portals to our world? If so, how did they come to be? Why are they here? How do we protect ourselves against an unseen and undetectable threat?

 The Blue Hole Of New Jersey – The Devil’s Puddle

There are many strange and haunted places in the United States. However, most of them don’t involve bottomless portals to Hell. The “Blue Hole” of New Jersey seems to do just that.

The Blue Hole is a nearly perfect circle of water, deep in the Pine Barrens of Winslow, NJ. The water is strangely clear blue, unlike the murky waters of it’s surrounding counterparts. It is said that fish do not swim in the water and that there are no signs of life inside of what many call “The Devil’s Puddle”. The water also seems to maintain an unusually low temperature, even in the warmest months. When standing near the Blue Hole, it is said to be eerily quiet, with no signs of life at all. Not in the water or around it.


For many years, parents have kept their children away from the small body of water. Many believe that the Blue hole is a bottomless pit. Some people even claim that the Devil himself uses the water hole, as his personal portal to Hell. Some also claim that the hole is home to another kind of devil. This Pine Barrens area is closely associated with the infamous Jersey Devil, and many say that the Blue Hole is home to the mysterious creature. The Jersey devil has been terrorizing people for over 200 years in the Pine Barren area, although evidence for its existence is scarce. Some locals have claimed to see the creature crawling out of the hole, on occasion. The fear of locals is not unfounded. It seems that many who chose to swim in the small body of water, never made it back out. Many bodies have been pulled out of the unusually still water, with scratches on their backs and lower legs. This makes sense, when you hear other reports from swimmers who claim to have felt cold hands clawing at their legs, pulling them down.


Unexplained whirlpools have been witnessed inside of the circular body of water, which defy explanation. One occasion, a man was pulled from the water, with scratches on his legs and black empty holes where his eyes once were. Some have attributed this to some type of ritual or occult activity. others say that it’s just the Devil’s handy work. No matter which legend you choose to believe, it seems as though some type of paranormal activity may be happening at this remote body of water.


You are welcome to find out yourself, if you are ever in the Pine Barrens area. Just follow the paths through the forest and you will soon find yourself at one of the most mysterious places on earth. However, I wouldn’t recommend going for a swim. The water is always cold. And there may be even colder hands, waiting beneath the surface.

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