America's Lady of Supernatural Thrillers

“Raven's Cove, a great mystery by Mary Ann Poll. Avoid it when winds are gusting to hurricane speed outside. No extra creepiness needed.”
~Bonnye Matthews
Step aside Stephen King, Alaska’s Mary Ann Poll is here to spin new tales of the super-natural and the ungodly, as her heroes and heroines take on the forces of evil on 'The Last Frontier.' ~Jeff Babcock

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Supernatural (and other) News

Exciting News: Ravens Cove is an Audiobook!

Great news for audio books lovers! Ravens Cove is available on Audible, Amazon, and many other fine sites. To get your copy on Amazon: To get your copy on Audible:




Ghost stories and Other Oddities:

Villisca Axe Murder House, Villisca, IA

On June 10, 1912, Josiah and Sarah Moore, their four children and two visiting guests were bludgeoned to death inside this quiet Iowa home. The crime remains unsolved and much of the home is still intact from that fateful night, with no running water or electricity, which provides that special ‘ambiance’ for the many who have shelled out $400-plus to stay a night. But visit the Villisca Axe Murder House at own risk: In 2014, a paranormal investigator who booked a room wound up stabbing himself by morning. (Source: Timeout (Photo courtesy of Des Moines Register)




Molly Brown House, Denver, CO


The "Unsinkable Molly Brown" was one of the only people to survive the Titanic, but she wasn't entirely unstoppable: She died in New York in 1932. It's said Brown (along with her husband and mother) still haunts the prized Victorian home, acquired in 1893, where she spent much of her adult life and which is now a museum with artifacts from her life. Visitors say they have seen apparitions in the dining room, rearranged furniture and similar strange occurrences in the former room of Brown's child, Catherine, who died at a young age. (Source: Timeout (Photo Credit:


Webinar: Getting to Know Mary Ann Poll

Are you interested in finding out about one author’s journey to being published? If so, this webinar is for you. It’s free and doesn’t ask you to buy anything or become a client of my publisher. Go to this link and sign up anytime.




Author in the Spotlight:

T. Martin O’Neil Author Of Into the Fire Although not paranormal, I recently found a great read about the human compassion side of our Navy's Special Warfare Teams – SEALS. Mr. O’Neil is a former member of one of those teams. The events he writes about are real and recount counter drug operations, rescue of human smuggling victims and even counter piracy. He tells of operations which occurred more often than the blood and guts side of things on which Hollywood thrives. I highly recommend this book.




USA Paranormal Tours and Events: August, 2018

Ghost Tours of Anchorage: May 15 – September 4, 2018, Tuesday through Sunday. Tours depart at 7:30PM from in front of Snow City Café at the corner of 4th Avenue and L Street. No advanced booking is required. Charge: $15/person Phone: (907) 27G-HOST Central PA-ranormal Convention August 3-5, 2018: at the Pajama Factory – Williamsport, PA ScareLA August 25-26, 2018: – Los Angeles, CA

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