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Haunted Trails: Big Ridge State Park, Tennessee

Dear Reader, I suggest every day, and especially when visiting haunted sites, put on the full armor of God (Ephesians 6:11)

Admittedly, there are many haunted places in these United States. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing a few of them with you.

If you enjoy hiking haunted locations with beautiful scenery, then Big Ridge State Park, Tennessee, maybe just for you.

Big Ridge State Park has two trails with rather ominous names: the “Ghost House Trail” and “Dark Hollow Trail.”  

Inside Tennessee’s 3,700 acre Big Ridge State Park, the Ghost House trail loops past the foundations of a home from the early 1800s, a grist mill, and the Norton Cemetery. Admittedly, one of the park’s biggest disappointments is no “ghost house” on Ghost House Trail. Only the cistern and a couple of pits remain of the old Hutchison House from which the trail derives its name. Legend says the adult daughter, Nancy, died of tuberculosis. During Nancy’s funeral-wake, visitors heard what sounded like her voice crying from upstairs. When the house was eventually abandoned, the neighbors still heard frightening noises coming from the vacant house. Those neighbors eventually moved away to escape the unsettling ambiance of the place. The family members’ ghosts have reportedly “photo-bombed” hikers’ pictures over the years, showing up as vague silhouettes.

Hikers report seeing the apparition of a man dressed in red flannel and grey pants throughout the park 3,700-acre park.

People have even heard very realistic sounds of a Model A car engine on the Dark Hollow Trail. Horseback riders and hikers with dogs say their animals have been spooked when passing through certain parts of the park. If you believe in an animal’s sixth sense, this may be the most telling sign of all.

Sources: The Hartford Extra Mile; Exploring East Tennessee's Eerie Trails by Lehan Mahan

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