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Haunted Destinations: The Winchester Mystery House (San Jose, California)

**Thanks to Ronald Rabe for contributing this blog post**

Source: The Travel Channel:

Haunted legends and supernatural lore are well-suited to the Winchester Mystery House. The place was under construction for 38 years by Sarah Winchester to allegedly appease the spirits of those lost to the Winchester rifle. The U.S. Department of Commerce has certified it continues to be one of the spookier construction projects in history.

After her husband and child’s death, Sarah Winchester (the wife of the rifle maker’s son) consulted with a seer who proclaimed the ghosts of those who died of bullets from her family’s guns killed her family. The seer suggested that only perpetual construction on the family’s mansion could mollify these spirits. So that’s what Sarah Winchester ordered. Workers labored on the property every hour of every day for 38 years.

What makes Winchester Mystery House unique, apart from its spooky atmosphere, is its very design. The entire building is fashioned as a maze to, as the rumor goes, confuse the resident ghosts. Rooms within rooms, and false doors, with some of them opening to a free fall, dot the Winchester Mystery House.

The illusionist, Harry Houdini, visited after Sarah Winchester’s death to debunk spiritualists. It didn’t seem to work. The ghost stories continue today. Some visitors are adamant that they have seen the ‘wheelbarrow ghost,” a kindly apparition in white overalls who continues to work on the house after his death.

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