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Haunted Destinations: The Buxton Inn (Granville, Ohio)

Nestled in the heart of Granville, Ohio, the Buxton Inn stands as a monument to history and the mysteries of the unknown. This 200-year-old establishment doesn't just offer you a bed for the night, but a trip through time and perhaps, if you're lucky, an otherworldly encounter. For believers in the supernatural, this inn is a haven of haunted happenings.

The Birth of Buxton Inn

The story of the Buxton Inn begins with Orrin Granger, a visionary entrepreneur who built the inn in 1812. Granger, a Massachusetts native, journeyed to Ohio in search of new opportunities. A seamless blend of Granger's vision and prowess, the Buxton Inn started its life as a tavern and stagecoach stop, eventually maturing into one of Ohio’s longest-operating inns. Over its storied history, it has welcomed an array of guests, including a few who, as legends would have it, chose never to leave.


The "Lady in Blue" is one of the inn’s most whispered-about specters. Many believe her to be the spirit of Bonnie Bounell, a former innkeeper who adored the place so profoundly that she never really left. She’s been described as a gentle, blue apparition, occasionally seen in rooms or meandering the hallways. Guests have recounted experiences of seeing fireplaces spontaneously ignite or hearing ethereal piano melodies, with Room 9 being a particular hotspot.

Furthermore, not all spirits at the inn walk on two legs. Tales have persisted of a ghostly cat, whose unseen pounces onto beds have startled many guests, leading some to believe that it could be the spirit of a once-resident feline.

Haunted Experiences

1. The Lady in Blue Among the most frequently reported apparitions at the Buxton Inn is the "Lady in Blue." This ethereal figure is believed to be Bonnie Bounell, a former innkeeper. Guests and staff alike have reported sightings of a blue figure, often in the hallways or specific rooms of the inn. Some claim to have felt her presence or even smelt the rose perfume she used to wear.

2. Cold Spots & Gentle Touches A common occurrence at many reputedly haunted locations, the Buxton Inn is no exception. Visitors often recount sudden and unexplained cold drafts or spots, even in rooms with no windows open or in which the temperature was previously consistent. Some have even reported feeling an unseen hand touching them, especially in older parts of the inn.

3. The Phantom Feline Multiple visitors to the inn have reported unusual encounters that suggest the presence of a ghostly cat. These accounts often describe the sensation of a cat jumping onto the bed or the soft purring noise beside them in the night. When they investigate, no feline is to be found.

Destination Information

**The Buxton Inn reopened for business on April 1, 2023, after a fire closed the location for a time.

For those drawn to these tales and eager to experience the enigmas of Buxton Inn firsthand, the inn offers tours and stays:

For Tour/Stay Information contact The Buxton Inn:


For believers in the supernatural, the Buxton Inn is more than just a historical monument; it's a bridge to a world that exists just beyond our senses. Whether you're drawn by the promise of ghostly encounters or the allure of the past, a visit to the Buxton Inn promises an experience you won't soon forget.

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