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“Raven's Cove, a great mystery by Mary Ann Poll. Avoid it when winds are gusting to hurricane speed outside. No extra creepiness needed.”
~Bonnye Matthews
Step aside Stephen King, Alaska’s Mary Ann Poll is here to spin new tales of the super-natural and the ungodly, as her heroes and heroines take on the forces of evil on 'The Last Frontier.' ~Jeff Babcock

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Christmas Melodies and Mystical Wolves: A Ravens Cove Miracle

(Told by Kat Tovslosky, the heroin of the Iconoclast Thriller series.)

“For as long as the stars have twinkled above, the Bricken household has cherished a heartwarming Christmas Eve tradition, one that fills the air with melodies and mirth. Together, we embark on a magical journey, going door-to-door to spread cheer through song.

“On this particular eve, Grandma and I snugly nestled into Bart’s old, trusty truck, embarking on an adventure filled with the spirit of Christmas. We were joined by Wendy, Pastor Lucas, and his delightful wife Tonya, their presence adding a radiant glow to our festive caravan. We were soon joined by Arnie and Amos Thralling, whose decision to join our caroling band infused us with new vigor. Wendy’s charming Subaru wagon became a vessel of joy, accommodating our expanded fellowship with warmth.

“Our final destination was the humble abode of Mrs. Bernice Tellamoot, nestled in the serene remoteness of the Cove. Her home, a cozy cabin, exuded a sense of peace and tranquility. Here, we were greeted by her majestic companion, Benny – a noble white wolf whose mysterious arrival had become a fabled tale in the Cove. Benny, a symbol of our ancestral heritage, bestowed a revered aura upon our land.

“As we began our caroling, the night transformed into a canvas of celestial beauty. Mrs. Tellamoot greeted us with a radiant smile, her joy infectious. Benny, feeling the spirit, joined our circle, his harmonious howls blending with our voices under the starlit sky.

“Arnie Thralling's enthusiastic, albeit off-key, singing added a touch of humor and humanity to our chorus. His powerful rendition of "Oh Holy Night" reached a crescendo, punctuated by Benny's soulful howl, which echoed through the still night, a symphony of natural and human voices entwined.

“In a moment that seemed scripted by the heavens, a pack of majestic grey wolves appeared, led by an alpha whose presence commanded awe. A tense standoff ensued, a dance of primal instinct and respect. Benny, our guardian angel in wolf’s form, stood protectively, his courage a testament to the mysterious ways of nature.

“Then, as swiftly as they appeared, the wolves retreated into the embrace of the forest, leaving us in awe. Benny's triumphant howl pierced the night, a declaration of peace and harmony.

“In that moment, I was reminded of the greatest miracle of all – the gift of Jesus Christ, whose love and sacrifice resonate every day. That night, as we sang under the stars, Christmas transformed from a single day into a year-round celebration of love, unity, and miracles.”

Until we meet again,

Kat Tovslosky, weaving tales of wonder and faith.

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