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Arrested for Praying in America?

I was watching Hannity on Fox News this evening. A man named Bill Devlin, Pastor of the Manhattan Bible Church, stated that on January 5, 2012, several pastors (Pastor Devlin included) and a government official in New York were arrested. Why? Because they were praying (outside attorneys offices, I believe) that the Lord would intervene and change the Mayor of New York's decision to drive any religious organizations, namely the poorer churches, out of all public schools, institutions and buildings. THE MEN OF FAITH WERE ARRESTED FOR PRAYING. That's the part that hit me between the eyes.

Since when has it become illegal to pray outside, in front of a building, at an attorney's office or on the steps of the Supreme Court, for that matter? I may not know the whole story but I do know that these men of faith were not doing anything nearly as disruptive as what the Occupy Wallstreet protesters have been doing for months. Yet, these men were seen as a bigger threat than the protesters whose encampments are reported to have become littered with drugs, vermin and violence.  Whether or not you call Jesus Christ 'Savior,' you -as a citizen of America – are well versed on our rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Both of them were attacked and crippled on January 5, 2012. The warning is clear. It is time to wake up and become aware of our surroundings. As a Christian, I realize I've been asleep. My life is good. I have enjoyed freedom of religion my entire life. And, until recently, I believed nothing would take that away from me because I live in America. I've been wrong. Today, I am praying in earnest for this great country that I'm privileged to call home. The nicks in its armor, which is the Constitution of the United States, are rusting. And, a storm that has been brewing for decades is being unleashed and that armor could disintegrate before our very eyes in an instant. Everything we value as Americans will disintegrate with it. After all, this country was founded on faith; so it makes since that it would end if that faith is silenced.

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