I’ve lost count of how many people ask me when I started writing or how I knew I was supposed to write. Those two questions always make me uncomfortable. You see, I didn’t start my early life aspiring to be an author as so many have done. I think I was more surprised than anyone when I wrote my first book.

Since my early years weren’t consumed by  a need to write the next great novel, I thought I wasn’t a writer. That, I’ve found, is not true. In looking back over my life, I realized I always had a passion for storytelling. I wrote songs, poetry, and essays. I made up stories and told them as if they were real. And, people believed the stories until I told them they weren’t true. (Yes, I was somewhat of a practical joker, too.)

So, to answer the question posed in the subject line, my thoughts are:

  • If you feel a need to tell stories or to write poetry about events in your life, you’re a writer.
  • If you feel lighter when you journal about your day, you’re a writer.
  • If you daydream about a more beautiful world or a worse one and want to share those thoughts with others – you may be a writer.
  • The most telling answer is this: Non-writers don’t ask themselves, “How Do I Know I’m a Writer?”

Yes, you are a writer!

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Catfish PlantationMy family went to the Catfish Plantation in Waxahachie, Texas to celebrate our son's birthday. It is a restaurant housed in an 1895 Victorian-era home. It is purportedly haunted and has been featured on The Dead Files and investigated by other paranormal groups. Well, I can't say I had a supernatural experience. And, I can't say I didn't have one. I will state I didn’t go in looking for an experience. I may write supernatural thrillers but that doesn’t mean I want to be in one.

We were seated in the front dining room. A cozy room with about five tables. All of the sudden there were five loud knocks on the wall next to me. They were so loud I asked my son, "who would be knocking like that on the other side of this wall?" He shrugged and now tells me he doesn't remember hearing it. My husband doesn't remember hearing the knocking, either. Then, I heard a whisper in a male voice. It wasn't anyone at my table. Again, no one heard it but me. Paranormal? Maybe.

I’ve visited the Catfish Plantations before. Nothing happened. So, going back I felt nothing even akin to nervousness. I didn’t even feel nervous after the knocks or the voice. Until later….

If you've been to the Catfish Plantation, let me know if you've had a similar experience. If you get a chance to go to the Catfish Plantation in Waxahachie, Texas, let me know about your experience – supernatural or otherwise.

No matter the experience, I really enjoy this restaurant and plan to return again. They do serve a delightful Cajun-style catfish.  

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A retired veteran in south central Texas says he saw an unidentified bipedal creature.

The man, whose name wasn’t released by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, (BFRO) said he was driving Highway 60 toward Burleson County on the night of September 2 when he noticed a “large dark object” on the side of the road, about 300 yards after crossing the Brazos River.

“It was 2:45 a.m., I was traveling at 80 mph, so I passed it fast, but it rose up to a standing position and took a leap into the darkness,” he said about encounter. ” I have never seen anything like it. I have fished everywhere, from Montana to Argentina.”

BFRO investigator Eljay Willow reportedly conducted a telephone interview with the eyewitness and was able to determine more details about the purported encounter.

“The river is quite flooded from Hurricane Harvey, pushing some wildlife north,” explains Willow. “At first he thought it was a large hog, but it immediately stood up and got out of sight.”

According to Willow, the eyewitness described the animal as a “dark tall and thick bipedal”.

“He says it was about 8 feet tall,” says Willow, adding that the Texas man was “confident in his measurement”. “He says it was slightly taller than a street sign.”

Willow, an ex-military officer “dedicated to conducting Bigfoot investigations based on evidence”, says the man claimed to be a skeptic until his alleged sighting.

But this isn’t the only recent sighting.

Last June, a man from eastern Texas, says he was fishing on the Trinity river when he recorded the images of what he called a Sasquatch.

In 2015, a Texas man said he had an encounter with Bigfoot and that the monkey-like being had even “smiled” at him.

The same year, a preacher in Wise County, Texas claimed a Bigfoot was living in the area.

So, maybe this Halloween, you’d better check and make sure that Bigfoot you see is only a costume……

Sources: beyondrealitynews.com

                Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

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The GroveThe Grove (also known as the Stilley-Young House), is an 1861 historic home in Jefferson, Texas. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark. In addition, The Grove house has been called the most haunted place in Texas.

The Grove’s history dates back to the 19th century, when the property was purchased and the house that became known as “The Grove” was built. It has been featured in the television series, "If Walls Could Talk" on the cable channel HGTV. It was selected “as one of the top twelve most haunted houses in America” by “This Old House,” and was also named as one of the "eight scariest places in Texas" by "Texas Monthly" magazine. These are just a few documentations about The Grove.

The Grove has a vibrant history of unexplained happenings: voices, sounds of footsteps, moving objects, and other ghostly phenomenon. These stories indicate that The Grove is the most haunted building in Jefferson, and perhaps the most haunted site in Texas. According to Patrick J. Hopkins, a previous owner who turned The Grove into a restaurant, many mysterious events occurred while he was at the house. These events include mirrors falling off walls, loud wails heard coming from the upstairs, unexplained moisture in spots around the house, and the constant feeling of being watched. “Legend has it that the property lies in an area where several murders occurred, and several unmarked graves reportedly lie under or near the house”. Hopkins’s niece and her friends recall seeing a black man lying in the street, and as they went to see if he needed help, the man supposedly disappeared. This black man could have been a man rumored to have been hanged on the back porch of the house.

A ghostly woman has also been reported many times being around The Grove. She was spotted in the house by Hopkins right before he was opening up the restaurant. The woman has also been reported by a neighbor and her sister, who saw a “glowing white figure” on the porch. This woman has been said to be the original owner, Minerva Fox Stilley. She has often been seen walking beside the house, and then stepping up through a wall of the house. On the inside, she emerges from the wall and then walks across the width of the house. This strange path makes more sense when one considers that the wall that she steps up through was once the back porch to the house before an 1870 addition was made. Instead of stepping up through a wall, she instead is probably stepping up onto the back porch, coming through a door that was at the back of the house, and walking across to what would have been the children's bedroom.

The most haunted location in Texas? Who knows. What is sure? The Grove is rich in history (see Wikipedia.org) and has been a place of supernatural experiences for many people over the years. I get goosebumps just thinking about visiting it. You?

Source: Wikipedia


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valentines-day-bookI have been blessed to have editors of the Iconoclast series that are talented, knowledgeable and honest. Most recently, I have been blessed by a talented editor who is a content editor, copy editor, and line editor combined. The company is Inspire Publishing. If you have a manuscript and need an editor (and, to be honest, we all need an editor) This company has, by far, the best editor I have met. Here is the website: http://inspirepublishing.guru/ If you need further help contacting them, please send me a request in the comments and I will get you an answer.

Until recently, I did not know there are three types of editors and they all serve an important purpose. The following definitions from Novel Publicity http://www.novelpublicity.com/2011/11/finally-an-answer-heres-the-difference-between-line-copy-and-content-editing/ give a clear, concise idea of what each editor does.

The Copy Editor:

In journalism, a copy editor is essentially a fact checker and someone who protects the publication from libel. For our purposes a Copy Editor is more like a professional proof-reader. Someone who performs this task usually does minimal rewriting for the sake of efficiency of prose as opposed to stylistic choices. They check the manuscript for clarity and flow. In my experiences most copy editors will also do line editing as the two are tied closely together and work well as a two part process.

The Line Editor

This is your final defense, the last step, the difference between being a writer with a good idea and a professional author. The line editor generally isn’t there to discuss story arc or make sure you understand how to use a dialogue tag. Instead, they are there to make sure you are putting out the best quality product possible. Line editors will go over each sentence to make sure it is ready for publication. They check for grammar, punctuation, spelling, consistency and word usage (Is he your Principle or your PrinciPAL?) and can often assist with rewriting/rewording sections that need help.

The Content Editor

This is the professional eye which looks over your manuscript with a fine tooth comb. They will catch things like inconsistent character behavior/speech, style issues, thematic variances and readability. A content editor will be able to help you adjust your language by audience (lit fic vs. YA – there is a difference!), make sure everything makes sense, has believable dialogue and a plausible plotline. Many people skip this step, thinking their editor who fixes commas will do this as well. If you are lucky, they will, although the cost for editors who are that skilled is quite high and often times, even if the individual is capable, their attention to other issues in your manuscript might mean they miss something that could make the difference between an ok story and an epic novel.

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