Raven’s Cove” is an endearing cozy mystery wrapped in Supernatural horror and legend, set in contemporary South Central Alaska. Clearly delineated are the forces of good vs. evil, from the Congregational Alliance Church (which serves the dark side while disguising itself as of the Light), maneuvering to distract and destroy the young Reverend Lucas’ fundamentalist congregation; and the evil which has “resided” for centuries or perhaps millennia, deep in the locale known as “Raven’s Ravine,” resting just below “Corpse Mound,” an evil that has taken lives at every opportunity.

The characters are finely-drawn and three-dimensional, and even the “evil” ones will elicit reader comprehension, if not always empathy.  Kat, Sheriff Bart, Reverend Lucas, and the visitor Josiah (who has suffered greatly himself, and whose life has been changed because of it) must combine to battle an evil that only some of them can even begin to believe in, while others understand but do not yet know the extent of the evil, nor the dangers they themselves face.

For readers who like a smooth-reading mystery with Supernatural and mythological overtones, founded on a strong basis of good vs. evil, “Raven’s Cove” will hit the spot.