"Ravens Cove" By Mary Ann Poll was indeed a good supernatural action packed mystery. We are welcomed to a place called 'Ravens Cove, Alaska where you will find a town that us full of rich stories of the based on facts....of good vs. evil.. from the church....The Congregational Alliance Church trying to get rid of the Rev. Lucas....which was the Fundamentalist Church. Why was this? Well, this evilness that has been there for centuries....known as the 'Raven Ravin' was below the 'Corpse Mound,' which was evil and was there to take lives...they needed five to carry out this crest.

The characters were really off the chart... this author did a very good job in presenting these people to us....Kat (Katrina Agnes Tovslosky), Sheriff Bart (Bartholomew Andersen), Reverend Paul Lucas, Josiah Williams, Miggie, Anita Conner, Wendy, Kenneth Melbourne(FBI agent), Grandma(Alese) Bricken, Josephina Latrell, Chief Andy Billings, Reverend Martin Plotno, Mrs. Tellamoot, Mr.Smooth, Arnold Thralling, Amos, Arnie, Cassandra Martin, Erwin,Mrs. Ranson Plotno, Caroline, Cassie, (Iconoclast), Doc Billings, (Atramentous), Pet, Jonathan & Joseph Tillwater(twins), Mikie Colmbs and I am sure I have left someone out... so you will have to pick up the wonderful read and find out who that is...for you will be able to see how this battle of good and evil plays out....the dark side showing itself as good...even trying to destroy the good. You will see how the visitor(Josiah) was presented and came into this story whose life had been changed. Now, this is the time I will say again... you must pick up "Raven's Cove" to find out just what is going on.

If you are in for a good action packed mystery with supernatural and mythological over tones..."Ravens Cove" is for you.