Press Release


December 15, 2011
Contact: Publication Consultants 



We all knew it was going to happen.  With the national interest in vampires, the undead and macabre, why hasn’t someone anchored the story in Alaska?  Well, now they have. In her second book, INGRESS, Mary Ann Poll presents an Edgar Allen Poe style tale where a cursed, ghost town is brought back to life for tourists.  Now what could possibly go wrong?  If you said “a lot,” you’d be correct.  There are mysterious deaths, spirit walkers from the beyond and the traditional battles between good and evil. 

Even though I am not particularly thrilled with tales of the grave – or from the grave – I found INGRESS a good read.   It kept me turning the pages so, for me, that’s a readable book.  It was a pleasant, and unusual, blend of what I perceive to be a national artistic obsession with roots that sink deep, quite literally, into Alaskan hIstory.  It was a story 10,000 years in the making.  

I also liked that a lot of the action was developed through conversation rather than description. This is important because I’d rather have the participants clue me in to what is happening through their conversation rather than having the author paint the entire scene.  When the scene is painted I’m stuck with the tree the author describes; with a conversation I can create my own tree just as I can create my own visual image of the characters: living, dead, living-dead and other.              

Like RAVENS COVE before it, INGRESS is an expansion of our literary frontier.  It mixes local lore with the supernatural with history within an established genre.  It gives new meaning to the term unique – and it’s set in Alaska. (Hear that Hollywood!)              

INGRESS is available everywhere good books are sold.