Welcome to the Devil’s playground otherwise known as Raven’s Cove.  This serene little Alaskan town is known for its ravens and its friendly people but no one knows about the demons that lurk everywhere. The town hosts two Christian churches but one is the Devil’s and one is God’s. Each church leader has a role to play in the scary upcoming events. A murder is the first overt indication that something is very wrong in Raven’s Cove. This murder frightens the citizens despite the town’s legends and history of gory murders in a nearby ravine.  Josiah Williams comes to town with a message that demons can and will destroy their town if they don’t fight. No one listens at first but after the second murder, he can’t be ignored.  A small group including Josiah, Sheriff Bart, Kat Tovslosky, Grandma Bricken, FBI Agent Ken Melbourne and Pastor Paul will have to go to the very gates of Hell to save their town.  This short novel is reminiscent of Stephen King’s earlier works.  Well written and interesting, people will race through the story to see who survives this brush with evil.